Alice In Wonderland Themed Costumes

Posted Sunday, August 4, 2013 by CANEBE DEEJUNG

Even though Disney released its Alice in Wonderland movie in 2010, costumes based upon the movie's characters are still popular. This may be largely due to the popularity of Johnny Depp or it may be because many adults remember watching the entertaining version of the movie as children.

The Mad Hatter

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One of the favorite characters from the movie is The Mad Hatter. This character was absolutely based upon a someone that Lewis Carroll used to know while this childhood. The man was a hatter and was slightly crazy agreeing to local gossip. Sadly, many hatters were crazy due to exposure to toxins used to make hats in that day. Today, "mad hatters" are nothing more than a character from a fictional story.

Alice In Wonderland Themed Costumes

If you want to go as the Mad Hatter, you could attend a party dressed in the garb of the classic entertaining movie. Or, you could base your costume off the Johnny Depp version of the Mad Hatter.

Johnny Depp's character in the 2010 movie wore a velvet evening jacket which had lace trim on the sleeves. The jacket also had distinct colored accents. Of course, an over-sized bow tie is an absolute necessity. To faultless the look, it will be requisite to find a large top hat. Don't forget an orange wig! You will also need a makeup kit too. Study a photograph of Johnny Depp's character to see how the makeup was applied. Then, try to copy the makeup as intimately as possible. Remember to buy hypo-allergenic makeup if your skin is sensitive or test the makeup a few days before Halloween to make sure that you won't have a reaction.

It may be a minuscule bit easier to copy the entertaining version of the character. To do this, you will need an oversized frayed jacket, a large top hat with the price still attached, and a tea cup as a prop. If you are paying attention to detail, you may also want to buy a set of false teeth. The character from the primary movie had very large buck teeth that seemed to take up his whole mouth!

Costumes for Women

Whether you decide to dress up as a sexy version of Alice or the prim and allowable version of Alice, ou will have no question getting some attention at the party. Of course, the sexy costumes are a great idea at a Halloween party for singles. You can surely ensure that you will turn a few heads and maybe meet someone special.

Costumes For Teens

Teen costumes can be whether cute or sexy. One of the favorite teen costumes this year is the Cheshire Cat costume. Amazingly, the costume that is sold in market is also reversible. This means that you can have some distinct looks from the same costume. If you have been invited to some distinct costume parties, and want a distinct costume for each, you should buy this costume and save some money! Don't forget to wear the bow tie neckband, bell choker, and cat tail for the best effect.

Costumes for Kids

Little girls will look great as Alice. A long blue dress, blonde wig and gloves is all that is requisite to faultless the look. Parents may wish to dress up their babies as the White Rabbit. This costume is easy yet warm for minuscule ones who may go out trick or treating with older siblings.

Alice In Wonderland Themed Costumes

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